Doug Acre and Tyler Sweet


Fetish Force says: Doug Acre ceases to tickle Tyler Sweet, untying the ropes in order to fuck him. Tyler blasts out a load that leaves streaks from navel to chin, then Doug ties him up again.


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Armond Rizzo and Doug Acre


Fetish Force says: Doug Acre teases Armond Rizzo’s cock, using two fingers to move the foreskin back and forth and his lips to tease the head. Letting Armond’s feet touch ground again, Doug once more attends to sucking him, inhaling it deeply and stroking as he sucks, edging Armond closer and closer to orgasm.


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Alex Andrews and Joey Cooper


Fetish Force says: Cupping his hand behind Joey Cooper’s neck, Alex Andrews rams Joey’s gullet until there’s nowhere left to go. Smooth Joey’s lips work their magic on furry Alex’s demanding dick until the saliva pouring down Joey’s chin matches the steaming load of jism Alex spews across his face.


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Chase Young and Michael Phoenix


Fetish Force says: When he’s had his fill, Michael Phoenix lies on his back for Chase Young to give his hairy body a tongue bath. Chase takes time to lick the soles of Michael’s feet and suck every toe.


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